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  1. JavaScript Driving Age Demo
  2. Passing Data
  3. Display js value in HTML (populate Div Tag Vs document.write methods)
  4. Jump to page when option selected from dropdown menu (HTML only)
  5. Formatting with external CSS
  6. Centered Div Tag Over Repeating Background (HTML)
  7. Collect answers over three pages then set RGB background
  8. Collect answers then change ARROW[next page URL] based on image click
  9. Using sessionStorage (JavaScript)
  10. Happy Frog (image change on mouse)
  11. Calculator passing data from HTML form to JavaScript & showing answer in DIV
  12. Binary Birthday Cards
  13. Change Image Via JavaScript After Button Press
  14. Jump to new page Via JavaScript After Button Press
  15. Count showing different image and caption for each number
  16. Personalized Vist Counter (using JavaScript & PHP)
    Keeps track of how many times a specific visitor loads page .
    Visit without name: index.php
    Or, visit as 'dan': index.php?name=dan
    View SOURCE index.php [index.php.txt]
    View SOURCE counter.php [counter.php.txt]
  17. Vote on happy / sad Frog (using JavaScript & PHP simlar to the above). frogCounter.php
    View SOURCE frogCounter.php [frogCounter.php.txt]
    View SOURCE frogCounterHeader.php [frogCounterHeader.php.txt]

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How do you make the "main page" auto-launch?
name it index.html
How do you make a "play" (music) button?
How do you setup FTP Client

Other Utilities